For the last three months, Sherrin Buckley has spent her lunchtimes with her nose in a training folder rather than a bestseller as she worked towards the Level 3 Certificate in Makeup and Skincare qualification.

The hard work has paid off for the Beauty Advisor from Unichem pharmacy Whanganui, who became the first in New Zealand to complete the qualification. The programme was created by HITO and has been offered as part of Green Cross Health’s training to pharmacy staff.

Sherrin says the programme has boosted her confidence and knowledge.

“I’ve re-looked at my makeup techniques and sped up my skin analysis.”

Sherrin urges others offered this training opportunity to take it up.

“I think anyone that works in this type of retail situation should have to do it. It’s important to know your professional basics. It certainly makes you stop and think about your service to the customer.”

She liked the emphasis the programme placed on displaying a high standard of personal appearance.

“You’ve got to feel good about yourself before you can make customers feel good.”

Sherrin found the training material easy to understand and completed the programme in three months, though trainees are able to complete at their own pace.

“I wanted to challenge myself. I’m proud of my achievement.”

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