Two years free industry training

From 1 January 2018, tertiary education will be fees-free for eligible first time tertiary students.

For new HITO apprentices this could mean funding for up to 2 years which will cover most, if not all, of your apprenticeship fees.

  • Find out if you are eligible for fees-free funding by visiting www.feesfree.govt.nz.
  • Find a Justice of the Peace to witness your Statutory Declaration: Find a JP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do my apprenticeship fees cover?

The costs associated with an apprentice completing their qualification over a three-year period include:

  • Off-job training
  • HITO workbooks
  • Training record book
  • Employer manual
  • Finals assessments
  • Online learning system
  • HITO support

The fees can be reduced if the apprentice finishes their qualification in less than 3 years. Please contact us for details on this if you think you’ll finish early, or if you’re doing Qualification by Experience.

How much are the fees?

Apprenticeship fees are $1560 per year for the duration of your programme.

You can pay this via Direct Debit at $30 per week.

Your direct debit payments stop when you complete your qualification.

Information about fees for Qualification by Experience can be found here: Qualification by Experience.

Can fees be paid in one lump sum?

Yes. Annual fees are $1560, and you receive a 10% discount for paying in full – a total of $1404 per year.

How are the fees paid?

Fees can be paid:

  • via Direct Debit $30 per week. Direct Debit form will be provided on sign-up.
  • Paid in full (Bank Transfer or Credit card)

What happens if a payment doesn’t go through?

There is a dishonour fee of up to $14.95 per missed payment. The owner of the account is responsible for the dishonour fee.

What if I finish my qualification early?

If you finish your qualification early or end your training agreement, your direct debit payments will stop.

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