As a beauty therapy apprentice you’ll be employed by a beauty business and will be trained by a qualified employer or trainer in the workplace. You’ll receive a specially designed Beauty Therapy training manual and your employer will have a trainer’s manual too. All of your training is done at work and you’ll learn about manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, makeup, and other beauty therapy skills. All the learning happens in the workplace. You’ll gain real, hands-on experience and get paid too – so and apprenticeship is an affordable option for getting qualified as there’s no student loan.


Beauty Therapy


Approx 2 Years


$30 per week of training



When you finish your apprenticeship, you’ll be fully qualified and achieve the New Zealand Certificate in Beauty Therapy (Level 4).

You’ll learn all the skills you need to work in beauty therapy, including all the salon and customer service skills necessary to be commercially successful.

To start your journey, you’ll need to find an apprenticeship. If you’ve already found an apprenticeship or are already in a job, congratulations! Download a training agreement and get your employer to sign you up.

“I think that doing an apprenticeship is a much better way of learning. I have friends who go to the course now who tell me they wish they were doing what I’m doing. I’m already working in the industry, I’m getting experience, building up my clientele; you can’t beat it”

During your apprenticeship you’ll learn these skills and achieve unit standards and credits along the way.

You’ll learn how to perform a range of beauty services. You’ll learn the skills and knowledge of:

  • facial therapy
  • Lash tint, brow tint, and eyebrow shape
  • Makeup – day, evening, bridal, ball, and special occasion
  • Waxing
  • Advanced waxing – Brazilian and bikini
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Safe tanning
  • Foundation massage – neck, back, and shoulders

In particular, you’ll learn how to perform as an independent beauty services operator.

Unit Skill Level Credit
15189 Implement a Health and Safety plan for a workplace 4 4
29590 Select, maintain and demonstrate safe handling of beauty therapy equipment and tools 3 4
29591 Undertake a client consultation and analysis and develop a service plan for beauty therapy 4 10
29600 Demonstrate knowledge of, select, and recommend retail products for beauty services 3 2
29602 Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of nutrition and their relevance to beauty therapy services 4 2
29603 Demonstrate knowledge of the skin, hair and nail conditions for beauty therapy services 4 4
30116 Provide reception and client sales services for the beauty industry 4 6
29595 Perform facial therapy services 4 10
29605 Perform extraction services for beauty therapy 4 2
29594 Perform eyelash and eyebrow tinting and shaping services 4 4
27644 Demonstrate knowledge of makeup and design theory 3 4
27647 Perform makeup services 3 10
29598 Demonstrate knowledge of the skin and related biology relevant to beauty therapy 4 3
29599 Demonstrate knowledge of human body structure and systems for beauty therapy services 4 4
29606 Demonstrate knowledge cosmetic chemistry and electrical currents relating to beauty therapy services 4 3
27172 Perform a manicure service 4 6
27173 Perform a pedicure service 4 6
28846 Demonstrate knowledge of costs and financial KPI’s for a salon 4 5
29592 Perform depilatory waxing services 4 15
29593 Perform advanced depilatory services 5 10
29596 Perform foundation relaxation massage of the back, neck, and shoulder for beauty therapy 4 4
29597 Perform tanning services for beauty therapy 2 1

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