HITO is here to help you grow your business. We provide qualifications that meet industry needs and make sure hair and beauty training in New Zealand produces skilled professionals. Here are some of the ways we can help you grow your business.


An apprenticeship is on-the-job training that leads towards a qualification.

An apprentice is employed and paid by a business. They work with a qualified trainer in their workplace to learn all the skills they need to become fully qualified and commercially viable.

An apprentice is a valuable part of any business. They can assist with entry level tasks, freeing seniors to perform more profitable tasks. An apprentice allows you to train the staff member you need from scratch and helps grow your industry by producing highly qualified, commercially successful young professionals.

Apprenticeships take 2-4 years with apprentices starting with basic skills and working their way up. Hairdressing and barbering apprentices also attend off-job training organised by HITO. This training takes place at their closest hairdressing or barbering school.

Government incentives

Financial help is currently available for employers and apprentices.

Until August 2022, eligible employers receive a $1000 per month in their apprentice’s first year and $500 per month in their second year. Find out more on the Work and Income website

Until December 2022, most apprentices will be eligible to get their training fees paid.

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The HITO Gateway programme gives secondary school students the chance to experience a career in barbering, beauty, or hairdressing.

Gateway students work one day per week in your business. You can take on as many Gateway students as you like, but students need guidance and help on what to do and have the equipment they need. They are supervised while at work, and a qualified person needs to sign-off on each task the student learns.

You don’t employ or pay your Gateway student. They are there for work experience, and there is no cost to the salon. If your Gateway student fits in, they’re the perfect choice to be a new apprentice.

Students can work on basic tasks such as creating displays, helping senior staff, and keeping the workplace clean and tidy, which frees others to perform more profitable tasks. You have the chance to train young people and prepare them for a career in hair or beauty. You get to share your knowledge and passion.

Other qualifications

If your staff are already qualified, or you want to grow your business in other ways, HITO offer a number of other qualifications to suit your needs.

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