HITO Schools Gateway Programmes

Careers in the beauty, barbering and hairdressing industries promise real opportunity, excitement and diversity. HITO’s Gateway programme is a great way for secondary school students to experience first-hand what it’s like to work in these industries.

HITO offers three work-based programmes and four theory-only programmes.

Work-based programmes

Level Credits Cost (incl.GST)
Hairdressing 2 22 $475
Beauty Therapy 2 20 $475
Barbering 2 20 $475

Students enrolled in work-based programmes spend time in a salon, clinic or barbershop learning practical skills to support the theory workbooks. 

Theory-only programmes

Level Credits Cost (incl.GST)
Hairdressing 2 22 $475
Hairdressing and Beauty 2, 3 20 $475
Hairdressing Reduced Credit 2 9 $250
Beauty Reduced Credit 3 10 $250

No work placement is required for these programmes.

How it works

Step 1: Register with HITO

  • Contact us to register one or more of your students for a Gateway programme.
  • We’ll send the appropriate enrolment forms out to you along with a Memorandum of Understanding. You and your students will need to complete these and return them to us via email: support@hito.org.nz.
  • Arrange payment from your school.

Step 2: Find a placement

  • Contact local businesses or other schools in your area. They may either be willing to take on a student or know of a workplace that will.
  • A business must have a qualified staff member who can supervise the student. This doesn’t have to be the owner.
  • Our Sales and Training Advisors may be able to assist if they know of an employer seeking a Gateway student.
  • If a student already has a placement organised, that’s great – it means they’re ready to get started.

Step 3: Start the programme

  • We’ll send you all the necessary training materials for your student to start their Gateway placement.
  • Students work through the unit workbooks and assessments. Practical units need to be verified by a qualified professional in the workplace.
  • When a student completes a unit, the school’s Gateway coordinator should send a copy to HITO for marking.
  • An assessor marks the unit.
  • When the student has passed, HITO will register the unit with NZQA.
  • HITO will send your school a Confirmation of Achievement.


Gateway Units – Download the HITO Gateway Programmes – Units document for an overview of the Gateway programmes offered by HITO and their corresponding units.

MOU for Schools – Download the Memorandum of Understanding for the HITO Schools Gateway Programme. You need to fill out one form per school.

Student Enrolment –  Download the Student Enrolment Form for the 2021 HITO Schools Gateway Programme. You need to fill out one form per student.

Got a question? Contact HITO on (04) 499 1180 or support@hito.org.nz.


If your student has enjoyed their Gateway programme, an apprenticeship could be their next step.

Apprenticeships are the smart choice for young people who want a recognised tertiary qualification in the hair and beauty industry.

Students can start an apprenticeship straight from school, or any time during the school year, from the age of 16.

Find out more about hairdressing, barbering and beauty therapy apprenticeships.