An apprenticeship is the best way to become a qualified barber. You learn in a real barbershop, with real paying customers. Plus, you earn as you learn so you’ll avoid racking up a huge student loan. To complete an apprenticeship you’ll be trained by a qualified barber at work and you’ll also get to attend training at a training provider.


Commercial Barbering


Approx 2 Years


$30 per week of training



Of course you can start your apprenticeship with HITO from the beginning, or you can sign up with HITO to complete your qualification after you’ve completed a full-time course. You’ll learn all the skills you need to work as a barber, including all the  customer service skills necessary to be commercially successful. When you finish your apprenticeship, you’ll be fully qualified as a barber and you’ll have the Commercial Barbering Level 4 qualification.

To start your journey, you’ll need to find an apprenticeship. Start by taking a look at the ‘Jobs’ page on our website, or take your CV into local barbershops. If you’ve already found an apprenticeship or are already in a job, congratulations! Download a training agreement and get your employer to sign you up.

“Look for an opportunity and take it – life’s too short to wait for opportunities to come to you. But you also have to remember that you won’t be a the ‘top man’ straight away. You have to work hard and work up from the bottom. You have to be willing to listen to the seniors, and be confident enough to take some cheek too.”.

During your apprenticeship you’ll learn these skills and achieve unit standards and credits along the way.

You’ll learn how to who perform a range of professional and commercial barbering services. You’ll learn the skills and knowledge of:

  • first aid
  • trichology
  • cutting skills
  • product knowledge
  • customer service skills
  • wet shaving
  • blow drying
  • beard and moustache work
Unit Skill Level Credit
2873 Demonstrate knowledge of trichology 2 8
2878 Apply knowledge of hair and scalp conditions to analyse and select corrective treatments for the hair and scalp 4 2
2886 Design and shape beards and moustaches 3 5
10645 Describe the development of barbering 2 3
10646 Apply initial barbering techniques 2 20
10647 Wet shave facial hair using a cutthroat razor 4 15
10648 Complete a haircut using barbering techniques 3 30
10650 Perform barbering services and run a barber chair in a commercial barbershop 5 30
19805 Blow dry hair using barbering techniques 2 4
19806 Consult with client for barbering services and analyse hair and scalp conditions 3 20
19807 Describe the fundamentals of wet shaving 3 4
19808 Select and maintain barbering tools and equipment 2 4
25435 Create appointments and maintain appointment systems and records in the barbershop environment 3 5
25436 Display products in the barbershop environment 2 3
25437 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of money matters and personal responsibility in the barbershop environment 3 5
25438 Apply knowledge of services and workflow in the barbershop environment 3 4
25439 Demonstrate knowledge of sustainability concepts for a barbershop 2 2
25794 Select and recommend hair products 3 4
28017 Manage conversation and interactions to create and maintain an atmosphere suitable for a barbershop 4 5
28019 Develop a health and safety plan for a commercial barbershop 4 10
28843 Demonstrate knowledge of personal health and hygiene, and self-styling, for working in a barbershop 3 2
28844 Demonstrate knowledge of professional behaviour and legal requirements for a barbershop 3 3
28845 Demonstrate safe and professional practice in the barbershop environment 3 2
28848 Apply knowledge of common hair and scalp conditions to complete a limited scope consultation 3 4
6402 (or 26551) Provide basic life support/Provide first aid for life-threatening conditions 2 1

For more information please contact us at If you want to talk to someone about apprenticeships, call one of our friendly Sales and Training Advisors.

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