For the fourth year running, HITO graduates, their employers, family and whānau gathered to celebrate success at the 2017 HITO Graduation.

Held at the luxurious Cordis Hotel in Auckland, the ceremony celebrated the achievements of barbers, hairdressers, nail technician and beauty therapy graduates.

Everyone seated ready for the ceremony to begin

Mana Dave, who recently won the Platinum Award at the 2017 Wella Trend Vision International Competition was the guest host of the Graduation ceremony. After welcoming everyone to the event, Mana shared three pearls of wisdom gained from working and training others over 20 years in the industry.

Firstly he told graduates that mistakes are okay, as long as you learn from them.

He also shared that for everything in life there is a cost. That “cost” might be time, money or energy, but if you are doing something you are passionate about, that “cost” will be worth it.

Finally – “You are responsible for you”, success is down to the individual but that doesn’t mean doing it all alone – a successful person knows when to ask for help.

It was inspiring to hear from Mana Dave, especially for the graduates who are now 100% qualified and about to embark on their career journey.

Mana Dave speaking at HITO Graduation

The Chair of HITO , Flora Gilkison then took to the stage and warmly congratulated all Graduates on achieving their qualification, in a vibrant and exciting Industry that offers them a wonderful career.

We then heard from Jordan Carlton, HITO Southern Apprentice of the Year and a HITO graduate himself. He spoke on behalf of the graduates and shared his journey into hairdressing. Jordan told an inspiring story about how becoming a qualified hairdresser had completely change his life and helped him through some very hard times.

“My brother was diagnosed with cancer, and I’ll never forget he said to me “Jordan I hate what you’re doing to yourself”. Now that In itself was enough.. I had a community support worker assigned to me and one day we were sitting in the Z carpark and she asked me what I wanted to do with my life. Hairdressing was the first thing that came to mind.”

“I am now qualified in under 3 years, I manage a salon and amazing staff who I absolutely love.. I work for an amazing boss who mentors me, cares and loves everything I do. I have a job which I love, I get to make people happy as well as be creative”

Jordan thanked his boss Tammy Koteck of Head Rush Hair Salon who couldn’t attend the ceremony as she was in Brazil. In his thanks he said,

“You have helped me be the person I am today, the person who three years ago would never have imagined I’d be standing here graduating with my hair dressing qualification at 19 years old.”

After Jordan Carlton’s moving speech, it was time for the ceremony itself. HITO CEO Kay Nelson thanked Jordan and then proceeded to call over 70 graduates to the stage.

Each graduate was presented with a ceremonial scroll by Board Chair Flora Gilkison, and then had their photo taken. Hairdressing and Nail Technology Graduates also received an IPSN certificate showing that their New Zealand hair and beauty qualifications are equal and recognised in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada.

Graduation scrolls

Finally Mana Dave launched HITO’s new 100% Qualified Campaign.

The purpose of the 100% Qualified Campaign is to encourage HITO Graduates to be proud of their National qualifications and display their certificates in their workplaces.

The campaign asks our HITO graduates (past and present) to take a photo of themselves with their official certificate in their workplace and post it using the hashtags #nzhito or #HITOgraduate.

The photos are to be to shared on social media so that the HITO team can see them and pick a winner each month. The monthly draw will be filmed live on social media.

HITO’s 100% Qualified Campaign

Mana Dave was involved in putting together the campaign as he agrees that being 100% qualified is an important for the industry, the individual and the wider public. It gives the industry credibility and proves commitment, education and expertise.

Thank you so much to our graduates their employers, trainers, friends and whānau for attending the Graduation on Sunday. Gaining a qualification is an incredible achievement, and it was a pleasure to celebrate with you all. We wish you the best for your future and cannot wait to see where your career takes you next.

Class of 2017!

Friends and whānau supporting graduates

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