We recently spoke with Shelly Ann Dale of Bella Me Skin and Body, about her journey in beauty therapy and her recent win at The Industry Awards 2023.

Tell us about your journey in beauty therapy. Although my journey in beauty therapy is only just starting out, with hitting 14 months now, my passion and spark has been there since the age of 15. My spark was ignited when I was chosen to do an intro course for massage. Over the course of 3 days, I was so deeply engaged and wanted more. The struggle was once I started working, I could not see myself stopping to study and to end up with a student loan. As the years flew by the passion grew to include all things beauty!

Why did you choose to train as an apprentice with HITO? In all honesty I didn’t know anything about HITO. I saw an ad on Facebook from my local beauty clinic looking for an apprentice. I had no idea how it all worked other than I would be getting paid while I learn. Then I met Susannah my HITO training advisor. Her incredible energy and enthusiastic vibes had me eager to know more about HITO. Upon signing up for the apprenticeship with HITO, I came across the most amazing support system, education, and hands on learning (best way for me to learn) HITO has made my apprenticeship such a breeze and whenever I am stuck or have any questions, the response is always quick and helpful. HITO is absolutely full of incredible and inspiring people! It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to train with such and amazing organisation.

How did it feel to win Beauty Therapy Apprentice of the Year? This was my first time attending the industry awards. I had no idea what to expect. The anticipation was killing me. The closer it got to the announcement, the more my anxiety kicked in. Especially with it being one of the first categories to be announced. Then finally it had gotten to beauty therapy apprentice of the year award…my heart was racing, hands were sweating, I was so nervous. And there it was! My name! I did it! I was so overwhelmed with a ridiculous amount of emotion. Happy, relieved, shocked, joy, excitement, gratitude and then finally the nerves kicked in again as I headed up on stage to accept my award and say my speech (I dragged my boss on stage with me 🤣) I truly felt so honored to have won such an amazing award.

What words of advice or wisdom do you have for other beauty therapy apprentices? I would say reach for the stars…but I don’t like limits. Don’t limit yourself to the stars, be ambitious, reach beyond the stars. There are infinite opportunities awaiting us all. Be open and don’t let hurdles stop you. If you can’t jump the hurdles then crawl under them, go around them and never stop chasing your dreams.

Why did you decide to enter The Industry Awards 2023? To be honest, I did not enter the awards for myself. I entered the awards for the people who have supported my journey. I wanted my supporters to know that I am giving this my all and that the chances they have taken on me will not go to waste. I 100% just want to make them all proud and know that I will not take the opportunities they have given me for granted.

What do you love most about the beauty therapy industry? The best part about this industry is making people feel amazing. From giving a massage to tired and sore muscles to help relieve tension for my client to get a good night’s sleep to helping people transform dull lifeless skin to lifted and glowing skin. It’s the joy it can bring to the clients that makes me love this industry.

What’s next for you? I have many ambitious goals for my future in the beauty therapy industry, but to be completely honest my main goal is to focus on my studies and gain as much knowledge as I can so I can help educate my clients in caring for their bodies and skin and become the best version of myself.

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