How did it feel to win Industry Trainer of the Year and Workplace of the Year 2022? We are still buzzing from our wins! The team and I invest a lot in each other, the industry and ourselves in terms of personal and professional development and it is certainly the icing on the cake to have that recognised nationally.

What is your favourite thing about training apprentices? I love drawing out the potential and helping apprentices feel a sense of purpose. It is a privilege to be a part of the first steps in their hairdressing career and as much as they may learn from me I certainly learn just as much from them!

What advice do you have for other trainers in the industry? Teach what you know and educate to the best of your ability and the highest level. Our apprentices are the future of our industry, through and with them we can ensure we elevate and grow the industry.

What do you believe makes your workplace stand out from the rest? Without a doubt our team culture. We invest in it everyday in every way. We fiercely protect and nurture it and the culture we have gives everyone the freedom to not only be themselves but to be the very best version of themselves.  We have a holistic approach to our salon life where personal and team growth, passion and happiness are paramount.

What is your workplace motto? To create a sense of belonging and true self confidence

Why is being fully qualified important to you? It gives our apprentices a sense of achievement and allows our community to know we are professionals – dedicated to the craft of hairdressing and delivering the quality of service and expertise they deserve.

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