We spoke with Allison Murray-Travers, the winner of Industry Assessor of the Year at The Industry Awards 2021, who is a passionate advocate for the hairdressing industry, about her big win and why qualifications are important to her.


What do you love most about hairdressing?

I love the salon vibe, the clients, my staff. I love interacting with people and crafting their hairstyles. I love seeing apprentices grow – develop their hairdressing and their people skills – and then believe in themselves.

Why is being qualified important to you?

I’m a great one for measuring, so at the very least a qualification measures a person’s ability to do a task. It is tangible proof that the person has completed a course of study and, in our industry, attained a level of practical skill that meets industry standard.

What is your favourite thing about being an assessor?

I enjoy seeing the candidates’ work, what they can create, how they interpret fashion into the three elements. Sometimes the work produced on the day blows me away!

Do you have advice for apprentices preparing for their 2757 assessment?

Yes – plan, prepare, practice. The better executed these three things are, the better your day will be. Read all the requirements of the three elements thoroughly. Begin to plan what you think you will do. Attend the guidelines meeting and listen to advice that is offered. Ask questions, have pictures of your proposed looks, ask the assessor, is this suitable? Think about the timeframe you have to deliver this work within. Choose models that have suitable hair for the look you want to achieve. Then practice your delivery on a mannequin, especially your perm. Because perming is not a routine service in salons (some don’t perm at all), I find this is the area that apprentices need to develop most. Even for those who work in salons where perming is a service, the leap to a fashion perm often needs thought and practice.

How did it feel to win?

FANTASTIC, I am delighted with my win.


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