Guide to Gateway

The HITO Guide to Gateway is for schools, students and employers. It has up to date credit and programme details as well as background information. If you would like a physical copy please contact us. To find the latest version of a unit standard within any Gateway package, please consult NZQA.

About Gateway

Gateway gives students the chance to try out different careers while still at school. They can experience a real workplace and make an informed decision about their career. They gain valuable skills that are useful in any work environment. They can also achieve NCEA credits. Gateway students often go on to successful employment as an apprentice.

We offer 4 different programmes which includes theory and practical learning. Theory can be done in the classroom and supported with work experience.

Hairdressing (Year 1)

Hairdressing (Year 2)


Finding a placement

Ask us. We have a database of salons and schools interested in Gateway, and we can put you in touch with them. You should also contact local salons or other schools in your area. They may either be willing to take on a student or know of a workplace that will. The workplace must have someone qualified to supervise the student. It doesn’t have to be the owner – any qualified staff member is suitable.


We know you’re busy people, so we’ve made things simple for you.

  • HITO and the school sign a memorandum of understanding
  • HITO will assign a verifier who will be in touch.
  • The school sends a student enrolment form to HITO
  • The school arranges work placement.
  • HITO sends a training workbook to the school for the student to complete.
  • When the student has completed the workbook, the school arranges for verification.
  • The verifier visits the workplace for about an hour to observe practical skills.
  • HITO will confirm achievements and send an invoice.
  • When HITO receives payment, we register the units with NZQA.
  • HITO will send the student a certificate.
Area Cost
Workbook per enrolled student $25
Verifier $55 per hour
Credit registering $21 per credit

Business Owners

Gateway students work one day per week in your business. They are supervised while at work, and a qualified person needs to sign-off on tasks the student learns. You can take on as many Gateway students as you like, but students need guidance and help on what to do and have the equipment they need.

Being a Gateway employer will allow you to:

  • evaluate potential new apprentices and see if they’ll fit in.
  • learn more about how HITO apprenticeships work
  • give back to your industry by passing on your knowledge and passion to the next generation.

Gateway students can work on basic tasks such as creating displays, helping senior staff, and keeping the workplace clean and tidy. This frees others to perform more profitable tasks.

Remember: You don’t employ or pay your Gateway student. They are there for work experience, and there is no direct cost to the salon. The school will work with you to arrange a verifier to visit the student to observe their practical skills in the workplace.


Gateway involves spending one day per week in a barbershop, beauty clinic, or hairdressing salon. It’s your chance to experience a job before you leave school. You’ll learn what the job involves and learn other useful workplace skills (like customer service). You can gain Level 1 and Level 2 credits towards your NCEA too.

The school will organise a workplace placement for you, but you will not receive any pay for your work experience.

Completing Gateway gives you an advantage. Many Gateway students go on to apprenticeships and the skills they learn are also helpful in other careers. If you think a career in hair or beauty is right for you, talk to your Gateway workplace about apprenticeships.

Gateway students receive a workbook with more information on the practical and theory tasks involved in gaining each unit.

To become a HITO Gateway school or employer contact us at or call (04) 499 1180.

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