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Job vacancies

This is where employers can post jobs in the hair and beauty industry when looking for staff to train. The map captures your geolocation and shows you jobs in your region, but you can also search other areas.

Vacancies stay live for 30 days and then are automatically removed. Employers who post here can also remove or close the vacancies at any time.

Safety for seekers

If you’re looking for a job and decide to apply, please be very careful about sharing your personal information with anyone whom you dont know. A genuine employers will NEVER:

  1. Ask for money, credit card, bank account or personal information before you have a signed employment contract.
  2. Ask to meet you privately. Always make sure that meetings are in a public or workplace. If in doubt don’t go or think about taking along a friend.
  3. Ask for a photograph other than a head and shoulders shot from your CV.
  4. Ask for your Facebook or other social media page details.

Remember to put your physical and personal information safety first.

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