HITO have launched new pins and window stickers for qualified hair, beauty and barbering professionals.
Your clients will now know you have a trusted New Zealand qualification, whilst recognising the contribution apprentice trainers make to our industries.

Anyone who has a New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Professional Stylist) or a Level 4 New Zealand Barbering or Beauty Therapy qualification can wear one of our 100% NZ Qualified Professional pins.
To order a pin, contact your HITO Sales and Training Advisor or email support@hito.org.nz

HITO apprentices will be sent a pin with their certificate when they complete their qualification.

Any employer or qualified professional who is training an apprentice can wear one of our Apprentice Trainer pins. Our Sales and Training Advisor will provide this pin and a window sticker to salons, clinics and barbershops when a Training Agreement is signed.

If you lose or damage your pin, please ask your Sales and Training Advisor for a replacement or email support@hito.org.nz

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