NZQA has started formal consultation on simplifying NZ qualifications and other credentials.

Consultation closes on 16 June 2021.

The aim of this work is to ensure learners can easily transfer their learning as they move between work-based and provider-based learning and employers get more consistent skills.

The consultation asks for your feedback to three proposals:

Proposal 1 on simplifying the approval of qualifications has two options:
Option A retains the current state where there are three parts to qualification approval, approval of the qualification, approval of the unit standards (soon to replaced by skill standards that will specify learning outcomes, skills, and level of performance in those skills), and approval of the programme (developed by the provider to describe the learning and assessment activities for qualification achievement.).
Option B requires a change in legislation but would do away with the programme approval in favour of a qualification that included a ‘national curriculum’ or mandatory content (as well as elective skill standards) that the provider must include in their delivery. The qualification would be collaboratively developed by WDCs with industry and providers. Providers who were accredited by NZQA to deliver the qualification would be able to determine how to deliver it.
The consultation document provides information on the comparison of options A and B along with the consultation questions that NZQA is requesting feedback on.

Proposal 2 relates to smaller packages of learning (less than 40 credits) and proposes replacing all ‘training schemes’ (a type of learning that results in an award, but does not lead to a qualification) with micro-credentials.
Training schemes would be phased out and new smaller packages of learning would be introduced as micro-credentials.
The purpose of this proposal is to reduce the number of types of educational products and will require legislative change that would come into effect with the next Education and Training Amendment Act expected in late 2021. There are currently no micro-credentials or training schemes offered by HITO.

Proposal 3 seeks to allow Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) to develop micro-credentials for use by providers. Currently only providers can seek approval for micro-credentials which are tied to delivery.
If the WDC is able to seek NZQA approval for a micro-credential as a ‘central product’ available for all providers to use, this will increase efficiency and reduce duplication across the system. Providers will also continue to be able to develop and deliver their own micro-credentials.
This proposal will require legislative change that would come into effect with the next Education and Training Amendment Act expected in late 2021.

Read HITO’s feedback: NZQA Consultation HITO Response

To provide feedback of your own, you can:

· Complete the online submission form at

· Email

· Write to:

RoVE Qualifications Review
Quality Assurance Division
PO Box 160
Wellington 6015

If you have any questions about the consultation or the consultation process, you can send an email to or call 0800 697 296.

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