What is the new HITO Schools Programme? Is it the old gateway programme?  Why has it changed?

Earlier in 2017 we met with and spoke to many secondary schools and students to find out more about what they want, need and expect within a gateway or work experience programme. It became evident that more young people are now staying in school for year 13 wanting to achieve NCEA 2 and NCEA 3 qualifications. As our current gateway programme did not reflect this we decided to make changes.

What are the key changes?

  • New name: Our brochure used to be called ‘Guide to Gateway’ and now it is called the ‘HITO Schools Programme’ this is so we have the opportunity to later add other learning options for schools and their students.
  • New brochure: The brochure outlines everything the school and student needs to know to get started and where they could end up.
  • New programmes: We now have 2 classes of programmes: Preparation programme – recommended for year 12’s and the Transition programme – recommended for year 13’s.
  • There are 6 programmes in total: one preparation programme and one transition programme for each career option; barber, beauty therapy services and hairdressing.
  • Units that cross credit to the apprenticeship: there are now level 2 & 3 units that will cross credit to the HITO apprenticeship programme. Not all cross credit but most will.
  • New MoU: prior we had separate 4 MoU’s, one for each programme. We now have one MoU to cover the HITO schools programme
  • New pricing: one price, invoiced once, for each enrolment. This makes things far more efficient for all parties involved.
  • New assessment process: We found that the time and cost for gateway students to be assessed in the salon or shop can sometimes become very costly to the school – especially for those in rural areas. We are now streamlining the process for all final practical assessments. Now the student will only need to provide a recorded sample of the practical assessment, once they have all collection of evidence signed the salon or shop representative. Further information will be available soon.

Why is it called ‘Schools programme’ instead of Gateway?

HITO are excited to find as many ways as possible to support secondary schools and their students to find a rewarding career. We have changed the name to ‘HITO Schools Programme’ so we can have the opportunity to later add other learning options for schools and their students.

How will it benefit the school and the learner?

Any student in year 11**, 12** or 13** can enrol and complete either the transition programme, or preparation programme, or even better complete both. This will lead the student into an apprenticeship and rewarding career, as well as the opportunity to experience a vibrant, fun and exciting industry. **enrolment will be based on the individual school’s criteria.

By when do I need to sign the MoU?

As soon as possible. The sooner you sign it the sooner you can enrol your students into one of our preparation programmes or transition programmes.

Where do I send the signed MoU and enrolment forms?

Send these to the Industry Support Team – support@hito.org.nz

I do not know my student’s workplace details – can I still send back the MOU?

Yes, please send these to the Industry Support Team – support@hito.org.nz and leave this part blank; this can be filled in later.

Does the fee include everything? workbooks, marking theory and practical assessments?

YES! – no extra fees, no random invoices, just a one-off fee.

The practical unit standards require the student to achieve collection of evidence, which is signed by the placement representative. Once all collection of evidence is achieved the student can be video recorded to provide a sample of evidence to confirm they are competent in this unit standard. This video can then be sent to support@hito.org.nz who will arrange for it to be viewed and confirmed by an assessor.

Will I receive an invoice when a student enrols?  

Yes – Once an enrolment has been received the HITO Industry Support team will advise our finance team who will then invoice the school directly.

What if I cannot find a workplace to support the learner’s work placement?

Not to worry; contact HITO and we will do our best to help you find a placement for your student. If no placement is achieved the student can still complete all theory unit standards to achieve understanding and NZQA credits.

Should these unit standards be completed in a sequence?

No – however the sooner the student completes the closer they will be to making their decision about a career in hair or beauty.

Can students enrol anytime during the year?

Yes – as long as the student is committed to achieve and has the time to complete the requirements of the unit standards. **enrolment will be based on the individual school’s criteria

What if the student does not complete the full programme?

Not to worry, they can still move on to the transition programme the next year or even better start their apprenticeship!

Can a student directly enter a transition programme without completing the preparation programme first?

Yes – there are no pre-requisites, so students can start at any point on either the preparation or transition programmes.

Can a student complete both the preparation programme and the transition programme in the same year?

Yes – if the student is committed. The school can decide to approve the student to enrol in the transition programme after they have completed the preparation programme. This will be on a case by case basis. The school will need to have the budget available to cover the cost of two programmes for one student in one year; this is the school’s decision. An enrolment form will need to be completed for each programme.

Can a year 12 student start on the transition programme instead of the preparation programme? Eg if they want to start an apprenticeship the year after rather than returning to secondary school for year 13;

Yes – if the student is doing well in school, and committed to starting an apprenticeship then they can start on the transition programme. There is also the option for the student to complete both the preparation programme and the transition programme in the same year if the school allows it and the work placement agrees to support it. {see question 15}

Can a student start an apprenticeship part way through the school year?

Yes – if they are enjoying their placement and ready to start their career then we encourage this. Gateway is all about work experience for the student before they decide on their future career path.

How are the theory and practical assessments marked and by whom?

These are still marked the same way. Marked by a HITO approved industry assessor. All theory units are to be returned to the HITO industry support team who will make all the necessary arrangements with the assessor for these to be marked. The same will happen with the practical assessment – however these will be a sample recording for the assessor to view. Instructions for the video assessment will be provide with each student enrolment.

Can we scan and email the theory assessments?

Yes – send these to support@hito.org.nz

Make sure the student has filled in all required fields and their name is on the assessment.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Call our friendly Industry Support Team on 04 499 1180 or email them at support@hito.org.nz

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