Qualification Review

23rd August 2018

The following qualifications are on the NZQA schedule for mandatory review this year and we need your feedback!  Please note, this is not Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ), this is ongoing business-as-usual pulse check to whether the qualifications are fit for purpose and serving the needs of industry.

Please follow the link to each of the qualifications for details.  We are seeking initial feedback through Consistency Reviews, directly through providers that are delivering these qualifications and electronically.

Additionally, for the barbering qualifications we are inviting all stakeholders to attend a session to feedback:

Please RSVP to kirsten.nagel@hito.org.nz if you wish to attend.

Post-feedback, we will be drafting documents for electronic consultation.

Please share with your networks, your teams and send any feedback to reviewfeedback@hito.org.nz

2201 New Zealand Certificate in Salon Skills (Introductory) (Level 2) 60 credits
DRAFT - 2201 New Zealand Certificate in Salon Skills (Introductory) (Level 2) 60 credits

Due by end of October, 2018.

2114 New Zealand Certificate in Barber Skills (Level 3) 120 credits
2115 New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering (Level 4) 180 credits
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