The consultation period for the review of the NZ Certificate in Hairdressing (Professional Stylist) (Level 4) has been completed.  There will be no further changes to the qualification until 2020, however HITO will review and develop unit standards and improve the pathway to the qualification.

Main feedback trends were:

  • There is low support for reviewing this qualification without reviewing the full suite at the same time
  • There is some support that change is required to the duration of completing this qualification
  • There is strong support from industry for the mandatory final sign off to remain in a commercial salon
  • There is strong support for the removal of duplication and unnecessary detail in the unit standards

We have listened and in response to this feedback HITO will:

  • Close this qualification review until the full suite is up for mandatory review in 2020
  • Work on the removal of duplication and unnecessary detail in the unit standards
  • Utilise the information gathered to inform work leading to 2020


This consultation was in response to initial feedback about the qualification from industry and providers alongside and throughout forums.  A draft document was designed and sent to market to test whether we needed to do further review.  This process has provided valuable feedback and information which will be utilised.

Feedback has ranged from those supporting change and further review on this qualification, to complete opposition.  More significantly this review raised many questions as to how the suite would work, in particular around the two Level 4 qualifications and the full amount of credits throughout a sensible learning pathway.

The most consistent feedback has focussed on how we could improve unit standards and the pathway toward the qualification than the actual qualification document itself.

Most stakeholders have no appetite for reviewing this qualification in isolation without considering the entire suite, which are all due for mandatory review in 2020.

HITO have no desire to push change for change-sake, this consultation has been in response to our stakeholders and we are unable (and would not request) to review the suite at this time.  The feedback and recommendations have been presented to both the Hairdressing Advisory Group and HITO Board.  As such, the decision is to wait until mandatory review in 2020.

The timeframe between now and 2020, will give some time for all stakeholders to consider the suite, and allow the process to go smoothly.

We thank you for your involvement and for those of you that engaged with your networks around the country, we are very appreciative, as without your support, it is difficult to connect with everyone that needs to have a voice.

Whilst this has taken time, it has been a valuable exercise and a necessary process to ensure we are listening to our stakeholders and providing information for further work.

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