Experienced but don’t have your New Zealand qualification? HITO can help:

Holding a Level 4 New Zealand qualification:

  • Clearly shows New Zealand employers what skills you have
  • Gives you a qualification that is respected across the world
  • Allows you train apprentices and help others get qualified
  • Opens up employment opportunities for your future




1-6 months





Who can apply?

You need:

  • At least 7 years’ experience working as a hairdresser* OR
  • A recognised overseas hairdressing qualification
  • To be currently working in a hairdressing salon in New Zealand
  • A health and safety plan (template to be completed below)
  • Conversational English

*Includes time at international hairdressing schools

What is involved?

Fill out the application form below and attach all relevant documents. Email to support@hito.org.nz or post to HITO, PO Box 11 764, Wellington 6142.

The process is different depending on your previous qualification and level of  experience. Most applicants will have a professional conversation with a qualified hairdresser to discuss your skills. Some applicants will be required to sit a practical assessment.

All successful applicants receive a New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Professional Stylist) Level 4.

All required documents must be submitted at the time of application.

I have 7+ years' experience

Cost: $990

You need:

  • A CV showing at least 7 years of hairdressing industry work experience  with detailed explanation of skills gained.
  • 2x written references regarding your experience in hairdressing.
  • 5x photos to include a range of long and short hair work.
  • A health and safety plan (template to be completed below).

Once you’ve submitted your application form and those documents to HITO, you will:

  • Have a professional conversation with a qualified hairdresser. You will discuss your skills and make sure you understand everything involved in the New Zealand hairdressing qualification.
  • Sit a 4 hour practical assessment.
    Option 1: A multi-shade colour, restyle and blow wave and a global colour, restyle and blow wave.
    Option 2: A multi-shade colour, restyle and blow wave, a restyle and blow wave and a hair-up.
I have an international qualification

Cost: $990

You need:

  • A verified copy of your international hairdressing qualification.
  • An academic transcript showing the academic outcomes from your studies.
  • A health and safety plan (template to be completed below).

Please submit the above, along with your application form, to HITO.

For more information or to sign up now, please email support@hito.org.nz or call (04) 499 1180.

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