If you’re an experienced beauty therapist in New Zealand on a work visa, HITO can help you gain your Level 4 New Zealand qualification.

Holding a Level 4 New Zealand qualification:

  • makes it easier to apply for residency as a Skilled Migrant
  • clearly shows New Zealand employers what skills you have
  • gives you a qualification that is respected across the world
  • allows you train apprentices and help others get qualified
  • opens up employment opportunities for your future.


Beauty therapy


6 months





Who can apply?

You need:

  • 5 years’ experience working as a beauty therapist*
  • proof of your experience
  • to be currently working in a beauty therapy business in New Zealand
  • a current New Zealand work visa
  • Conversational English.

*Includes time at international beauty therapy schools

What is involved?

Contact your local Sales and Training Advisor (STA) to get started. They will check you are eligible and guide you through the process.

The QBYE process takes six months to complete.

You will be given an application form to fill out. When you send in your application form, you will need to provide identification and pay the $2000 fee.

When HITO has received your application, we will email you a timeline showing when you need to submit the following pieces of supporting evidence.

If you have an international beauty therapy qualification, you will need to provide:

  • a verified copy of your qualification.
  • an academic transcript showing the academic outcomes from your studies
  • a health and safety plan (using the template below).

If you have five or more years’ experience, you will need to provide:

  • a CV showing at least five years work in a beauty therapy business with detailed explanation of skills gained
  • two written references regarding your experience as a beauty therapist
  • a health and safety plan (using the template below).

Professional conversation

When all your supporting evidence has been submitted, the HITO support team will contact you to set up a professional conversation between you and an Industry assessor. This could be face-to-face, a video chat or a telephone call and may take up to two hours. The professional conversation is to verify your previous skills and knowledge, referring to the evidence you have submitted and the requirements of the New Zealand Certificate in Beauty Therapy.

Practical assessment

You will be required to sit a six hour assessment where an Industry assessor will check your skills are current and to the standard required for the New Zealand qualification.

If you hold a HITO-recognised international qualification, you may not need to sit a practical assessment. In this case, we will let you know when we have processed your application.

Getting your certificate

When you have successfully completed the QBYE process, HITO will register your qualification with NZQA.

All successful applicants receive a New Zealand Certificate in Beauty Therapy (Level 4) and a HITO 100% Qualified pin.

For more information or to sign up, call (04) 499 1180 or contact a Sales and Training Advisor.

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