14 November 2018

Thank you for the feedback provided during our recent review of the New Zealand barbering qualifications.

Based on clear feedback received from stakeholders, the proposed outcome of the review is to expire the New Zealand Certificate in Barber Skills (Level 3) [Ref: 2114] in favour of retaining a single Level 4 qualification for barbers.

The reviewed Level 4 qualification title is proposed as the New Zealand Certificate in Barbering (Level 4) [Ref: 2115].

Proposed changes in the reviewed Level 4 qualification include:

  • reduction of total credits from 160 to  120
  • rewording of Strategic Purpose Statement
  • refinement of Graduate Profile Outcomes to more holistically describe what a graduate will know, do, and be
  • amendments to the Conditions so that they are more focussed on key programme content
  • removal of references to unit standards, in line with NZQA guidelines.

The specifications of the reviewed qualification are outlined in the document below. Please provide any feedback by November 28 through the form below.

The proposed transition details for the expiring Level 3 qualification are:The last date for assessment for programmes leading to expiring qualification is 31 December 2021. People currently enrolled in programmes leading to the expiring qualification may either complete the requirements by 31 December 2021 or transfer to programmes leading to the New Zealand Certificate in Barbering (Level 4) [Ref: 2115].

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