The Government has announced a wage subsidy to help employers pay new and existing apprentices in their first two years of training.

Employers of HITO apprentices in their first or second year will be able to apply for the Apprenticeship Boost subsidy through the Ministry of Social Development from August 2020.

The Apprenticeship Boost subsidies will be paid at $1,000 a month for apprentices in their first 12 months of training, and $500 a month for apprentices in their second 12 months of training.

Apprenticeship Boost will run for 20 months.

For more information see the Work and Income website

The Mana and Mahi programme will also be expanded and a new Regional Apprenticeships initiative introduced to particularly support displaced workers and Maori and Pacific people into jobs.

Employers will only be able to access support from one of these support programmes.

Read more about the options for employer support

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