HITO’s submission to the Government on the proposed vocational education training reforms includes examples of the views of many  of the hairdressers, barbers and beauty therapists that attended information meetings during the consultation period.

HITO consulted with our industries in good faith. We held 17 meetings around the country to explain the proposals and give our employers, trainers and apprentices an opportunity to give feedback.

The submission reflects the views of our industries. It outlines support for some aspects of the reform, but not for the separation of the standard-setting and arrangement of on-job training roles that HITO (and other ITOs) currently have.

HITO Chief Executive Kay Nelson says she is proud that people took the time to engage with the process, despite the short time frame that was given to do so.

“Our trainees and employers are really invested in the future of their industry. Over 1000 people attended the information meetings or watched the video prepared for those who couldn’t attend. In addition, NZARH ran a petition that collected over 1000 signatures.”

Summary of HITO Feedback

Proposal One: Redefined roles for ITOs

We support expanded standard setting responsibility across the sector and the addition of skills leadership. We want the qualifications that set learners up for current needs of employers and future needs of the economy. The name ITO could be changed to ISB (Industry Skills Body) to reflect the expanded role.

We don’t support disbanding current ITOs or separating the standard setting from the arranging of training function. We recommend keeping the roles together to ensure ISBs are close to industry and set qualifications that truly meet industry needs.

Proposal Two: New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology

We support rationalisation of the polytechnics and centralisation of some activities, but not as far as only one choice for provision. We support Centres of Vocational Excellence for key regional and national economic skill needs.

We need more information to determine how the regional leadership committees would fit with the skills leadership role of the ITO/ISB.

We think it will take too long for NZIST or other providers to gain the trust and confidence of employers/industry so the arranging of training should stay in the current ITO/ISB role. Some ‘future skilling/transferable higher level skills’ should be added to all qualifications and these elements can be delivered by ITPs to increase their role in future proofing learners and increasing their ability to transfer more seamlessly across the system and the economy.

Proposal Three: Unified funding

We support a more equitable funding system for on job training, one that includes more recognition for the employers’ contribution to trainees. We also support a simpler funding system.

We do not support splitting the funding for ISBs standard setting role between Government and employers, as employers already make a substantial contribution.

Download the full submission

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