There have been changes to the final two unit standards in the Level 4 Professional Stylist qualification.

Unit 2759 Perform hairdressing services while working in a commercial salon
The criteria for Element 1 of this unit has changed.
Previously a candidate had to service 25 clients per 30 hour week over four continuous weeks. At least 15% of services needed to be chemical services.

Under the new criteria, a candidate must carry out services for 80 clients over a four week continuous period. At least 25% of services performed each week must be chemical services. For example, if a candidate saw 20 clients one week, they must have completed chemical services for a minimum of 5 of these clients.

Unit 2757 Apply hairdressing services under workplace conditions
In 2019, you can elect to sit unit 2757 before you sit unit 2759. It will be up to each workplace and sales and trainer advisor to discuss the best sequence for each apprentice.
This option is being offered as a pilot for 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact your Sales and Training Advisor

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