HITO is the New Zealand Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation. We help the barbering, beauty, and hairdressing industries get qualified.

HITO manage apprenticeships in hair and beauty. We also offer some advanced qualifications and a nail technology qualification. We help hair and beauty professionals at all levels, from beginner to experienced, get their national qualifications.

We make sure New Zealand has the highest standard of hair and beauty training and that the national hair and beauty qualifications create skilled, successful professionals.

Our goals are:

  • Develop and strengthen quality standards and qualifications to meet business’ needs. HITO work with the hair and beauty industries to create relevant, up-to-date qualifications that meet industry needs. We connect with hair and beauty business owners and professionals in New Zealand and internationally to make sure New Zealand’s hair and beauty qualifications are the best they can be. We know we’re achieving these goals by an increase in apprenticeship numbers and trainees gaining their qualifications.
  • Actively engage employers and employees in training and qualifications. HITO want to see the number of employers and employees involved in training increase. We want to provide modern training tools, including online learning resources, that meet industry needs and keep up-to-date with any changes in training needs. We celebrate the success of our trainees and provide opportunities for them to grow.
  • Support and promote the development of a professional industry. We promote the value of a career in hair and beauty to the public, potential trainees, and customers. HITO work with the New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers, Beauty NZ, and other professional organisations to support New Zealand’s hair and beauty businesses, workers, and trainees. We want to see the hair and beauty industries growing, with wages and business revenue increasing.
  • Attract and retain highly engaged and diverse members, stakeholders and staff HITO aims to be respected by and engaged with government. We work to attract and retain top quality staff, management, and board members, and we reward staff achievement. HITO offer a membership programme and work to communicate with and empower the hair and beauty industries.
  • Have a sustainable financial base, with growing income, robust infrastructure and resources HITO work to make sure we have the financial resources to provide the services our industries and government need. In return we hope to see financial support from government and the hair and beauty industries. We want to be financially stable with room to grow.
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