International Professional Standards Network

The International Professional Standards Network (ipsn) is a group of countries committed to raising the standard of hair and beauty across the globe.

The members of the ipsn are Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. These countries have benchmarked their hair and beauty qualifications against each other, creating a consistently high international standard. The ipsn are always looking for new member countries and industries to join the network.

One way the ipsn creates this standard is through issuing the ipsn certificate. Anyone who holds an ipsn certificate is considered fully qualified in hairdressing or beauty in all of the ipsn member countries. The ipsn issue certificates in hairdressing and beauty.

ipsn certificate holders have the same skills as a New Zealander with the New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Professional Stylist) Level 4 or the National Certificate in Beauty Services (Beautician) Level 4 and the National Certificate in Beauty Services (Spa Therapy) Level 5. Any international worker who holds the ipsn certificate has the equivalent to these qualifications. Any New Zealander who holds these qualifications can also apply for the ipsn certificate.

The ipsn also support and encourage training and the hair and beauty industries in each of the member countries through various events, including competitions and conferences.

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