In late 2020, HITO carried out an investigation to measure the impact of COVID-19 on the hairdressing industry and determine if and how hairdressing qualifications needed to change as a result.
The research consisted of 11 focus groups, attended by 106 people, and a survey, completed by 90 people.

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Key findings

• In general, the impacts from COVID-19 have not severely impacted client behaviour and expenditure. While there were some differences between regions, overall the number of salons saying they had increased client numbers, services, and expenditure was greater than the number experiencing decreases.

• There is increased level of concern from staff and clients and health and hygiene, however almost all survey participants (89%) agreed that qualified hair stylists fully understand what to do in terms of Health and Safety/Hygiene to deliver safe services to clients in COVID-19 circumstances.

• More than two thirds of survey participants agreed that the current qualification provides all the Health and Hygiene content required. Only 2% of respondents strongly disagreed with this.
Based on the key findings, HITO has decided there is no need to pursue any options beyond the regular development of the qualification at this time.

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