Amelda Henderson is what you would call a ‘high achiever’.

A self-determined business owner, qualified hairdresser, mother of one and now also a HITO beauty therapy apprentice working towards her national qualification.

Amelda owns her own hairdressing salon and has recently started doing a Beauty Apprenticeship so that she can expand her range of services.

Amelda Henderson

Amelda originally started her beauty therapy training in an institution but found that juggling classes with the responsibilities of running a business, maintaining clients and being a Mother wasn’t working.

“Offering both hair and beauty means I can look after the client completely. Making the brows compliment the hair.”

Almost ready to give up on her beauty therapy ambitions it was during a Hairdressing Association meeting that she learnt about HITO’s Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship Program.

“I immediately jumped at the chance to do a (HITO) beauty therapy qualification while I was still working in my salon.”

To complete her qualification, Amelda hired two qualified beauty therapists to work in her salon and train her while on the job. Amelda says that the best thing about the apprenticeship model is all the ‘hands-on learning’. Amelda can already see the benefits that this qualification will bring to her business.

“Clients like to know that you are qualified – It makes them comfortable in your hands.”

A highlight of Amelda’s beauty therapy training so far has been helping people with more severe skin issues. Growing up, Amelda struggled with her own skin and remembers how difficult that was. To help others and further develop her knowledge, Amelda has enrolled in the Pastiche Training course.  This is an advanced beauty therapy course designed to look beyond the surface of the skin, adding valuable knowledge and focus to her beauty practice.

“It’s more about the science behind the body. It helps you understand and treat more serious conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. It means that I can introduce a skin consultation service into my business which gives a more in-depth skin analysis including people’s lifestyle and medical history.”

Amelda intends to further increase her range of beauty services to include advanced electrolysis, tattoo removal and laser hair removal.

Doing assessments is something that Amelda has found challenging at times, especially when the nerves kick in. But the thrill of upskilling to make her business more profitable and the enjoyment of working with her clients keeps her motivated.

Amelda encourages anyone considering a career in hair or beauty to do an apprenticeship.

“Do it – it’s a lot of fun. Don’t get distracted, put in the work and then it’s not hard.”

We love to hear stories like Amelda’s. She is living proof that even if you own your own salon, there are still opportunities to grow and develop in the areas you are passionate about. We can’t wait to hear what she does next.

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