Official Notice of the HITO AGM.

We are pleased to notify our Board and Members that the New Zealand Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation Incorporated (“HITO”) Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) will be held on Monday 23 April 2018.

The meeting will take place at HITO Wellington Office, Level 2, 107 Customhouse Quay, Wellington Central commencing at 10.00am. Tea and coffee will be available at 9.30am.

HITO AGM Agenda – April 23rd 2018:


Agenda Item

9.30am – 10.00am Registration (Tea and coffee provided)
10.00am – 10.15am Welcome
Confirmation of attendees and Apologies
10.15am – 11.45am Calls for items for general business
Minutes of last AGM & SGM
Matters arising
Chair’s Report
CEO’s Update
Financial statement
Audited accounts
Confirmation and appointment of the next auditor
Appoint scrutineers for voting (x2)
Confirm Returning Officer (David Patten)
Board Vacancy and Appointments
Voting on any Remits
• Remit for Constitution Change
General Business
11.45am Close

Important points related to the AGM:

The important points related to the AGM are:

  1. Employer Member Delegates: Employer Members who wish to appoint a delegate to represent them at the AGM should forward, in writing, the name of their delegate to the HITO CEO by 10am Monday 16 April 2018. (7 days before the AGM).
  2. Member Representatives: Association Members, Education Members and Corporate Members can appoint a representative to represent them at the AGM. Forward in writing the name of the representative, and who they represent to the HITO CEO by 10am Monday 16 April 2018. (7 days before the AGM).
  3. Attendees: Any other HITO members who wish to attend the AGM must notify HITO CEO by 10am Monday 16 April 2018. (7 days before the AGM).
  4. Proxy & Electronic Votes: The deadline for submitting Postal and Electronic Voting Forms is 5pm Friday 20 April 2018 to the Returning Officer. (48 hours before the AGM).
  5. Proxy Forms: The deadline for submitting Proxy Forms is 9am Monday 23 April 2018 to the Returning Officer. (1 hour before AGM).

Officiated By:

The Returning Officer for the AGM will be David Patten.

HITO CEO: Kay Nelson
HITO, PO Box 11 764, Wellington.
Returning Officer: David J Patten
(04) 472 1744


Under Rule 22.14 of the Constitution, the quorum for an AGM shall be no less than 5% of Employer Members present via their Delegate or by their Proxy.

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