Official Notice of the HITO AGM.

We are pleased to notify our Board and Members that the New Zealand Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation Incorporated (“HITO”) Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) will be held on Monday 22 June 2020.

The meeting will take place at HITO Wellington Office, Level 2, 107 Customhouse Quay, Wellington Central commencing at noon. Lunch will be available.

The important points related to the AGM are:

  1. Board Member Positions: Three Board member positions are available:
    a) 2x Elected Board Member positions to be elected at the AGM by employer members.
    b) 1x Employee Representative position to be elected at the AGM by trainee & employee members in accordance with the HITO Constitution.
    Applicants can complete the HITO Board Member Application 2020 (download below) and return it to Kay Nelson, HITO CEO, c/o, by no later than Thursday 5pm 23 April 2020. (60 days before the AGM).
  2. Motions and items of AGM business: If the Board or any Employer Members wish to submit any proposed motions (alterations to the HITO Constitution) or other items of business for consideration at the AGM these must be received in writing on the Proposed Motion 2020 form (download below) by the HITO CEO, c/o, no later than 5pm Monday 25 May 2020 (28 days before the AGM).
  3. AGM paperwork including agenda, remits, previous minutes, Annual Report, names of Board applicants, voting and proxy forms will be emailed to members and available on the HITO website no later than Monday 1 June 2020 (21 days before the AGM).
  4. Employer Member Delegates: Employer Members who wish to appoint a delegate to represent them at the AGM should forward, in writing, the name of their delegate to the HITO CEO, c/o, by 10am Monday 15 June 2020. (7 days before the AGM).
  5. Member Representatives: Association Members, Education Members and Corporate Members can appoint a representative to represent them at the AGM. Forward in writing the name of the representative, and who they represent to the HITO CEO, c/o, by 10am Monday 15 June 2020. (7 days before the AGM).
  6. Attendees: Any other HITO members who wish to attend the AGM must notify HITO CEO, c/o, by 10am Monday 15 June 2020. (7 days before the AGM).
  7. Postal and Electronic Votes: The deadline for submitting Postal and Electronic Voting Forms is 5pm Friday 19 June 2020 to the Returning Officer, c/o, (48 hours before the AGM).
  8. Proxy Forms: The deadline for submitting Proxy Forms is 11am Monday 22 June 2020 to the Returning Officer. (1 hour before AGM)).
  9. Any questions should be directed to Katherine Hailstone (Executive Administrator),

Officiated By:

HITO CEO: Kay Nelson
Address: HITO, PO Box 11 764, Wellington.
Email: C/o

The Returning Officer for the AGM will be:

Name: Nigel Barker
Address: Level 3, Customhouse Quay, Wellington
Email: c/o


Under Rule 22.14 of the Constitution, the quorum for an AGM shall be no less than 5% of Employer Members present via their Delegate or by their Proxy.

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