There are two hairdressing Gateway programmes – Year 1 and Year 2. Students who complete both years will have completed some of the units that make up the first year of a hairdressing apprenticeship. Students learn customer service, colouring, product related knowledge, and other entry-level salon skills. They will spend 1-2 days per week in the salon.

Gateway students receive a workbook with more information on the practical and theory tasks involved in gaining each unit. After completing, students can move on to an apprenticeship in hairdressing or onto Year 2 of the Gateway programme.

Units & Skills

Unit Skill Level Credit
21935 Maintain and order supplies in a hairdressing environment 2 5
21936 Protect the client for hairdressing services in a salon environment 2 1
21937 Assist an operator in a salon environment 2 4
21938 Converse and interact with clients and operators in a salon environment 2 3
21939 Demonstrate knowledge of fashion trends in relation to hairstyling 1 3
21940 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace requirements for employment in a salon 2 5

Hairdressing Gateway students spend at least one day per week in the salon learning practical skills. There are also theory tasks the students need to complete.

There are six units to complete.

Unit Skill Level Credit
2869 Apply treatments to hair and scalp 2 2
2891 Demonstrate knowledge of hair fashion over time 2 5
9953 Provide client service and care in a hairdressing salon 2 4
21941 Prepare the hair for hairdressing service under supervision 2 2
25436 Display products in the salon environment 2 3
25439 Demonstrate knowledge of sustainability concepts for a salon 2 2
25789 Apply and remove oxidative colouring products from the hair and scalp 2 5

Only students who complete all of the Year 1 units can move on to Year 2.

Year 2 students learn more advanced hairdressing skills. These skills make them an asset in the salon and give them an advantage when they go on to an apprenticeship.

There are seven units to achieve.

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