Beauty Gateway is less than a year in duration and students usually spend 10 days in a beauty clinic (one day a week). Students learn how a clinic is run, how a beauty therapist works, and how to be a successful employee. They assist with basic treatments, and learn the benefits of these (and other) treatments.

There are seven units to achieve

Unit Skill Level Credit
21938 Converse and interact with clients and operators in a salon environment 2 3
27637 Maintain order and supplies for a commercial beauty salon 2 4
27638 Provide client service and care and assist the operator to prepare for service in a beauty salon environment 2 3
27639 Apply knowledge of basic beauty concepts to maintain personal presentation for a commercial beauty salon 2 3
27640 Demonstrate knowledge of current fashion trends and history related to beauty therapy 2 3
27641 Demonstrate the relevance of anatomy and physiology knowledge to beauty therapy practice 2 3
28025 Demonstrate knowledge of the client journey 2 2

Gateway students receive a workbook with more information on the practical and theory tasks involved in gaining each unit. After completing, students can move on to an apprenticeship in beauty therapy.

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