Barbering is one year in duration and students spend 1-2 days in the barber shop. Students learn customer service and communication skills, and basic barbering skills such as caring for equipment and preparing a client for a service.

There are six units to achieve

Unit Skills Level Credit
19808 Select and maintain barbering tools and equipment 2 4
21935 Maintain and order supplies in a barbering environment 2 5
21936 Protect the client for barbering service in a barbershop environment 2 1
21938 Converse and interact with clients and operators in a barbershop environment 2 3
21939 Demonstrate knowledge of fashion trends in relation to barbering 1 3
21940 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace requirements for employment in a commercial barbershop 2 5

Gateway students receive a workbook with more information on the practical and theory tasks involved in gaining each unit. After completing, students can move on to an apprenticeship in barbering.

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